2045 Amateur Draft Lottery Results

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2045 Amateur Draft Lottery Results

Postby commish » Fri Sep 29, 2017 9:14 pm

From the Constitution:
The random number that will be used will be the last 3 digits of the previous Dow Jones Industrial closing value marked from the day of the final playoff sim of the season. In other words, say the last playoff sim is run (2nd round) on a Sunday, the closing price on the Friday before would be used. If the closing price on that Friday was 13,075.22 then the last 3 digits would be 5.22, thus the 6th place finisher gets the 1st round pick.

The second pick will be selected in a similar manner but using the S&P 500 close instead. The rankings/odds for the 2nd pick will be broken out among the three remaining teams in order from worst to best of the remaining teams.

The third pick will go to the team with the second closest number to the S&P 500 close and the fourth pick will go to the only team remaining.

Dow Jones Closing Price on Friday: 22,381.20
Last 3 digits of closing price: 1.20

8th place: 0.01-1.5 ~15%
7th place: 1.51-4.00 ~25%
6th place: 4.01-7.00 ~30%
5th place: 7.01-10.00 ~30%

S&P 500 Closing Price on Friday: 2,510.06
Last 3 digits of closing price: 0.06

Worst team: 0.01-3.33 ~33%
Middle team: 3.34-6.66 ~33%
Best team: 6.67-10.00 ~33%

So the draft order is as follows:

1st – Los Angeles Kings
2nd – New York Islanders
3rd – St. Louis Blues
4th – Vancouver Canucks
5th – Colorado Avalanche
6th – Columbus Blue Jackets
7th – San Jose Sharks
8th – Toronto Maple Leafs

1st – Detroit Red Wings
2nd – Washington Capitals
3rd – Tampa Bay Lightning
4th – Nashville Predators
5th – Ottawa Senators
6th – Pittsburgh Penguins
7th – New Jersey Devils
8th – Montreal Canadiens

1st – New York Rangers
2nd – Boston Bruins
3rd – Chicago Blackhawks
4th – Anaheim Ducks
5th – Minnesota Wild
6th – Philadelphia Flyers
7th – Dallas Stars
8th – Calgary Flames

*Note that the above draft order will not be reflected in game until draft day arrives.
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