NOTICE: Correct Trade Posting Format & Trade Procedures

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NOTICE: Correct Trade Posting Format & Trade Procedures

Postby commish » Mon Jul 23, 2012 3:30 pm

This is a sample of how trades need to be posted. Please follow this format as it makes the simmers life much easier. Remember to include the league designation in the subject GLD=Gold, SIL=Silver, BRZ=Bronze.

Subject Line: Toronto (GLD) and Vancouver (BRZ)

Toronto Sends:
C Dave Jones (ML)
$2 million cash

Vancouver Sends:
2B Joe Smith (AAA)
SP Brian Jones (AA)
CL Davy Crocket (ML)


Remember, the trade is completed prior to the upcoming sim. Therefore, you are allowed to provide the simmer with instructions as to how to set up your lineup ahead of the next sim. The simmer will do his best to follow the directions, but is not responsible for any errors that may occur. If you do not want anyone to touch your roster, simply leave no instructions and the acquired players will be on the DFA list once you upload the file.

Example instructions using the above Toronto / Vancouver trade example.

Toronto: Please move 2B Joe Smith onto the active roster (there should be room since Dave Jones got traded) and place him in the depth chart and lineup as the starting 2B against RHP, have him bat in the lineup in place of the existing 2B. Also move my backup catcher to the starting role against RHP and LHP. Place Davy Crocket in AAA for now.

Vancouver: Move Dave Jones to the active roster, place him as the starting catcher on the depth chart against both RHP and LHP, and then run auto-lineups against both RHP and LHP.
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