2018 Bronze Draft Analysis

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PBDL Bronze League Draft Wrap Up

Author: Kevin Withrow


1. Washington Capitals - Graham Robertson C

Good solid pick here with one of the highest power/eye ratings that I have seen. He should be a very high OBP guy who hits 20 plus homeruns a year which in my opinion is the definition of an impact bat. The downside on Robertson is his lack of a defensive position and I don't see any reason to think that will change, he lacks the skills to play backstop on a daily basis and will probably end up at first base or DH. Still he should be the best power bat in the league very shortly (1-2 years) and will be a force to be reckoned with offensively. The other option here was SP George Trent and the case could be made he is the better overall player in a weak class, still love this guy and had him number 2 on my board. Grade A

2. Edmonton Oilers - George "Swamp Fox" Trent SP

The obvious best pitcher available and possibly best player available goes too the Oilers here. Swamp Fox has three excellent pitches along with a passable splitter and a 16/16/16 in stuff/mov/control. He lacks true ace stamina (rated 11) but he will be a very good 1/1A and most likely will head the oilers rotation in just 2-3 years. He is also known to be very durable physically which means injuries should not hamper his development and if managed correctly he could very well improve upon his very impressive skill set ( high in intelligence and work ethic) I had him number 1 on my board but I always have pitching over hitting in my mind. Still the top two in my mind go 1-2 and that is as it should be. Grade A

3. Anahiem Ducks- Kiros "Easy" Mashama Sp/Cl

The first pick I truly feel was a reach at this point. Easy has the Stamina and stu/mov/and control to warrant this pick as he is easily the second best pitcher looking at just those ratings. Unfortunately, what he lacks is a respectable third pitch and that means Closer/RP is all that he will most likely amount too. Now i could be wrong and i guess the Ducks felt I was but to me it is way too early to be taking a closer, especially with the hitting talent still on the board. At 17 he does have a long time in which to develop a third pitch, but unfortunately he lacks the work ethic and intelligence, both very low, to make that a very likely occurrence. In fact i will not be shocked to see him lump into an even less interesting prospect if he struggles early on. I have been wrong before, and maybe the ducks know something I don't but i fell this was a huge reach at this point. Grade D

4. Nashville Predators- Augusto Medrano SS

The Predators continue their streak of solid draft picks and add the always important future SS/glove wizard to the system. Medrano hit the ball fairly well, for a free swinging spray hitter and if he develops well could be a .310 Avg guy with lead off potential due to his great baserunning. That being said he will not walk much, if at all and may struggle too keep his numbers up if he is rushed. His greatest strength though, and the reason i love this guy at this pick is what he brings to the field with his glove. A 20 range rating at SS is a rare and in my opinion highly valuable commodity and he could very well be the gold glove winner at that position for years to come. In fact I feel that he very well could be the highest war rated player taken in the top 4 and should easily be ready in two to three years with his work ethic. very good pick, Third on my board, but first if i had not already had Colwell. Grade A

5. Chicago Blackhawks John Bell OF

I dont know what exactly I don't trust about this guys ratings but something about him screams bust too me. Looking at just the numbers he is probably the most balanced young bat in the game and is an adequate defender at the corner OF postitions. That being said he, I feel, will be an example of why ratings are not the whole story, he is a line-drive hitter with average pop and an average eye, but I feel he would have benifitted from another year or two before entering the minors, where his current low ratings are setting him up for failure. He also lacks the work ethic to improve quickly and could very well be in the minors for many years before he maxes out his ratings and as we all know one bad year in the minors can lead to significant losses in potential. He also seems to have a split developing in his XBH (read gap power) power and that worries me that he will over time become more of platoon hitter, only truly effective against righties. All this negative stuff being said if the Hawks are right he is going to potentially be a great 2-5 hitter and if by some miracle he does improve his abilities watch out. Grade C ( B if by ratings D if by gut)

6 Buffalo Sabres- Jesus Ortega RF

I had two guys targeted with this pick and it turns I had my pick of them, I had Ortega slightly above Moreno here for two reasons. 1. need I need to improve my offense as I have arguably the best pitching rotation in baseball in my opinion but my offense lacks difference makers. 2. Intangibles I feel when your torn between two guys at a certain spot the best option is two go with the younger guy or the guy with the higher work ethic and intelligence. In this case need, intangibles and age all point too Ortega. He is a solid batting prospect now with slightly lower contact than Bell but a higher power potential, but really I took him here in a betting manner. I am wagering than if i manage his minors well I will get at least one possibly two increases from this young 18 yr old and that could very well take him from good to great.
Grade ( B+ )

7. Toronto Maple Leafs Ricardo Moreno Sp

This guy was sixth on my list right behind Ortega and could very well end up being better than him depending on how the random ratings increase gods treat us. As i said he is young and talented with average to good ratings already. With no bumps he will most likely be a mid rotation starter and a effective one at that. If he does bump watch out as it would not take much too turn this young man into the best pitcher in this class. 4 pitches, all of which are good and 18 stamina will lead to alot of innings pitched and if his control improves he could be a very big steal for the leafs going forward. Grade B+

8. Philidelphia Flyers Russ Thexton CF

very nice pick here and my number 7 prospect as he offers a great set of skills at a key position. Good bat/ power at a key defensive position equals great prospect for the future. So why did i have him 7 on my board, He lacks the elite range I want in a CF, he can play there but will never dominate defensively at the position the way i want my CF too. He also lacks the intangibles too forsee any increases in his ratings and that is a concern as he is right on that edge between good and average at the plate. All that being said he was the best option available and that makes this a very good pick. Grade A

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2017 Playoff Preview

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2017 Playoff Preview

Author: Kyle Stevens



Detroit (45-39) vs Dallas (54-30)
Dallas has 2 championships, but Detroit has 2 straight including last year's Gold. Detroit features a great bullpen, sporting a 3.30 collective ERA while catcher Shawn James posted an absurd .469 OBP while Manny Medina hit 20 HR. With Shawn James heading toward FA, somebodies pocket books is going to get a lot lighter. For Dallas, 3B Jon Antle hit 25 HR with McAusland, Ortiz and Dias all threatening the .400 OBP mark. It's no surprise they lead the PBDL in Runs (486) and OBP (461). Lets not forget about Noel Sicard either, who went 10-3 with a 2.24 ERA, 0.90 WHIP, 1.93 FIP and 7.4 WAR. He might have earned some hardware.

Tampa (48-36) vs Pittsburgh (51-33)
Tampa's 363 runs against is the best in the Gold. They boasted a solid defense (693 efficiency) and lead the league in strikeouts. Quon Zeng, acquired in an early season deal from Washington, hit 19 HR. Pittsburgh, after earning promotion for 2 straight seasons, finished in 2nd place. They had 4 batters with 3 WAR and their 118 team HR led the PBDL. Their 449 runs ranked 2nd in Gold, with 5 batters hitting double digit HR, led by Ernie Jackson hitting 25. While Pittsburgh's lack of playoff success might be a sore spot, with Juan Oliverez extension none of their key pieces is set to hit FA for quite a while.

St Louis (53-31) vs New York (45-40)
The Islanders sneak in after winning 3 straight against San Jose including a Game 85, despite allowing more runs than they scored for the season. OF Ron Wood had a monster season (.419 OBP and 19 HR). The Blues finished 2nd in runs scored (449) and 1st in runs against (327) with the best defense in the PBDL (.710 efficiency). 3B Christian Porter hit 21 HR while 37 year old Mike Coslett went 14-4 while posting 5 WAR.

Calgary (50-34) vs Los Angeles (50-34)
A battle of 50 win teams, Los Angeles scored 459 runs to lead the Silver despite hitting only 71 HR (last in Silver) They posted a team OBP of .359. Williiam Cox earned a big contract extension, posting a .432 OBP and hitting 17 HR, while Ben James was right on his heels with a .419 OBP. Sean Wolfgang had a big walk year, hitting 14 HR, getting on base at a .382 clip and posting 2.8 WAR. For Calgary, Richard Smith hit 23 HR while they had 4 starting pitchers post 4-WAR seasons whiel only allowing 339 runs (2nd in the Silver).

Buffalo (43-41) vs Toronto (45-39).
The Sabres made the playoffs on the back of their strong trio of starters Lurte, Silva and Ryan along with the strong bat of the venerable Vincente Montoyoa (.417 OBP and 10 HR). Buffalo's pitching staff lead the league in runs allowed (a paltry 324). Toronto boasted a dynamic 3-4 combo of Bastien and Boyd who combined for 29 HR while aces Gouin and Santos combined for a record of 23-10 and a 2.96 ERA over 255 innings.

Philadelphia (57-27) vs Chicago (41-43)
The Lowell Minor show rolls into town. Philadelphia lead the PBDL in wins with 57 and led the Bronze in Runs Scored (462) and was second in Runs Allowed (328). For Chicago, 20 year old Brian Arnold is earning the nickname "Wonder Boy" with a 9-9 performance and a 3.6 WAR. Bucky Rodriguez and Erwin Hurst bolstered a respectable offense that finished 3rd in the PBDL (422 runs)

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2017 Amatuer Bronze Draft Analysis

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2017 Amateur Bronze Draft Analysis

Author: Kevin Withrow


1. Nashville Predators- SS Jim Dillon- He has great contact potential and is near ML ready in my mind, He is going to hit .300 or above which is great but he lacks the discipline to be a lead off guy in my opinion. Overall this is a weak class compared to the last couple years and Nashville picked a good bat, glove at a tough defensive position, nothing wrong with this pick. Grade: B+

2. Washington Capitals- Ed Ryder- He is one of two pitchers in this class worth looking at the first round, but really i am not sold on either of them being a true ace type pitcher. Ryder lacks an out pitch and in my experience these guys tend to lump fairly often when they get to the Bigs. That being said his Movement is exceptional and if you are not going to have great stuff, movement can save careers. His Work ethic is also concerning to me and would probably have kept me from taking him in the first. Overall i would have taken a bat here as I feel that is where the talent in this draft is, but not a bad choice if you are taking a pitcher. Grade: C

3. Buffalo Sabres- Domingo Diaz- Well this is the guy I took and my reasoning was this, CF's are the second most valuable spot on the field defensively behind Short stop. This guy is a qaulity bat with a knack for not striking out which, combined with 20 speed means he should turn into a very hard out. He plays a solid to above average CF and he is fairly close to ML ready( AA Level i would guess) with a chance to push for the Bigs in a couple years. If he can just bat .280 or above he could very well lead the league in steals and I am a huge fan of this type of player( vince Coleman) on my teams. Still there were other options and I don't feel i need to say how I feel about this pick. Grade: u grade it

4. Edmonton Oilers - Archie Morgan- If I was taking a pitcher this would have been the guy I took first in this class, He and Ryder are very close pitch wise, although Morgan does have slighty better pitches, and has a pitch that could be an out pitch in his changeup. He also has better intangibles and is a guy i could see developing into an ace solid number 2. He is a little older than I like for guys who i am hoping get a ratings bump but he will be in the Majors by 2019 at the latest. Grade : B

5. Toronto Maple Leafs - George Baker-solid bat, no defense or speed. He is never gonna be a star but should contribut in the Majors and will give you a solid stat line. He is very smart so he could get a bump to his ratings at some point and turn into a dominant player. That being said I worry about the fact he has a two point difference in power in his lefty/righty split, I look for a first baseman who hits for power and if a guy is not able to produce against lefties that changes my opinion of him alot as a prospect. An interesting side not with this guy is I was looking at him in the later rounds as a dominant closer if i am remembering right, so you could go that way with him too. Overall was an ok pick although I would have went elsewhere. Grade C+

6. Chicago Blackhawks - Pascal Lombard- A solid bat who will be ok at first base, the interesting thing about him is his speed, he runs very well for a first baseman and could actually still quite a few bags, His intangibles are normal, nothing that stands out good or bad, and he too suffers from a split in his power production against lefties. Baker and him are very similar bats and will both be good, not great players, but I don't think they are the best left on the board as that goes to the guy taken at 7. Grade C+

7. St. Louis Blues- Carlos Pacheco - This guy is a defensively solid CF with great speed and contact and a solid avoid k rating. He has good gap power pot. which should lead to a high number of doubles and possibly triples, making him a good number 2 hitter prospect in my view. He is a little slow in the head and that can lead to slow development, but I feel he was the number 3 hitting prospect in the class behind Dillon and Diaz and i suspect he will flourish in silver at some point with the Blues. Grade A-

8. L.A. Kings - Guillaume Jullien- Interesting player here as he does look like a fairly solid 3B, but he lacks the great contact number you look for. He is a switch hitter which is a very big plus in my book but he lacks one superb stat to make this a truly elite pick, Overall at this point in the draft i think this is a very solid pick, not flashy or outstanding just a solid choice.
Grade B


2017 Amatuer Silver Draft Analysis

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2017 Amateur Silver Draft Analysis

Author: Jason Lortie


1. NJ - RF Vic Mitchell: A-. I like Mitchell, he will be a superstar if everything pans out. Not only will he hit, but he can also run. This makes him a great option at the top of the order, or as a clean-up hitter in his future. Also grades out as a plus corner outfielder. At 20 years old, he is looking to be ML ready within two years given his current ability. A solid #1 pick.

2. PHI - SP Mike Keys: A-. At 21, Keys might make the Philly team as the #4 right out of spring training with his impressive current ability (9/15/7). But really, he has a ton of upside, and will probably benefit from starting at AAA and being a call-up some time this season. Philly has a pretty solid rotation, so no need to rush him. Great intangibles, but the only thing keeping him from being an A+ pick at number 2 is his lack of a 4th pitch. Maybe this is just a personal preference, but I try to stay away from 3 pitch SPs... but this is a great pick non the less.

3. NYR - RF Jim Blake: A. At only 18 years old, I think Blake is a great pick at #3. Realistically, he could have gone #2 ahead of Keys, so taking him at #3 is a no brainier. Should be a solid #3 or #4 hitter for years to come if he develops. Intangibles are OK, the only downside is how far he has to go to develop.

4. ANA - SP Alfonso Torrez: D+. Torrez at 4th overall is hard to swallow. At best (11/11/16) he will probably be a 4 starter - if that. While he carries 5 pitches, none of them wiill ever grade out above 11. Torrez is young at 18, and has a good work ethic, so not all is lost. But I think he would have still be on the board in the 2nd or 3rd round.

5. CAL - SP Grigori Mastryukov: C. Listed as a SP, Mastryukov will be in the bullpen his entire pro career (his third pitch is a resemblance of a change-up apparently :lol: ). While he is probably the best MR in the daft, my only issue with the pick is that he was taken 5th overall. He is a project MR, so he probably would have been available in later rounds.

6. NYI - LF Drake Bryant: A. I was happy to see that I ended up with Bryant at #6. His potential is not far off of Mitchell or Blake taken at #1 and #3 respectively. He grades out as a solid Right Fielder, and has decent current abilities that should let him start off in AA ball. I think that he will be a pretty good lead off guy in the future with a good amount of speed and some solid batting potential (.405 OBP in college last year). I see him ending up in AAA, with the outside chance of being a late season call up.

7. VAN - C Antonio Martinez: B-. I think Martinez is an OK pick at #7 overall. He was the best catcher in the draft in terms of potential but catching ability may be lacking. VAN could use a catcher of the future, and while Martinez might not be an all-star of the future, he could be very serviceable for years to come as a decent catcher that bats 5-7 or as a solid DH.

8. PIT - LF Norman Briggs: B. PIT takes the best player on the board at #8. Briggs grades out as a Mitchell/Blake/Bryant pick that doesn't have the power potential or work ethic of those three prospects. His 20/20/14 speed/stealing/base-running combined with his contact and decent eye and discipline at the plate should make him a very solid lead-off or #2 guy in the lineup. Could play all 3 OF positions, but grades out as a very good left fielder. A smart guy, but he is lacking in work ethic to reach his potential.

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Gold Draft Analysis

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2017 Amateur Gold Draft Analysis

Author: Michael Diaz


1. Colorado Avalanche - SP Ivan Cortez (C-)

Bit of a surprise pick for the #1 pick. Cortez looks to potentially be a solid player, but doesn't stand out as a potential superstar ace starter in his career. If he develops his current potential, Cortez will have pretty good Stuff, Movement, and Control, but not spectacular in any of these. And his individual pitch ratings are roughly the same. Good fastball and changeup, with a very good cutter. The one exception is his 4th pitch, a very poor curve. The upside is that there is at least a decent chance for him blossom as he develops due to his excellent work ethic. But I feel with the 1st pick, you need to grab a close to surefire future ace, and Cortez just isn't it.

2. Minnesota Wild - CF Eric Knox (A)

Arguably the best batting prospect in the Gold draft. Can develop into a future All-Star, with excellent Contact and Gap/HR Power, along with stellar speed and baserunning skills. His only holes is his plate discipline. He's probably destined to strike out a ton while not drawing very many walks, so his at bats will be feast or famine. But since all the batting prospects have at least one or to big holes, it's hard to hold that against this choice if getting a batter is the top priority. Considering he's 22, he's pretty well developed. He still needs to develop a bit, but with his plus intelligence and work ethic, it should be a short trip up the minor league ladder. I wouldn't be surprised to see him come up to the majors in 2018.

3. Boston Bruins - SP Julio Escobedo (B+)

Probable the best SP prospect if you are looking for help for your rotation fairly quickly. Escobedo is a crafty pitcher, but he needs to be since he olny has average Stuff. But he makes up for it with potentially excellent Movement and Control. His good pitches are his offspeed stuff, with a good sinker and changeup, but he pairs that with a below average splitter and a poor slider. He does have good intangibles, and due to his age (22) and current development, he should rise pretty quickly and we can probably expect him sometime in 2018. If he can find a way to develop his power pitches, he could develop into an All-Star, but as is he still should find a way to be a top of the rotation kind of guy.

4. San Jose Sharks - SP Ed Mott (F (Sorry))

Major head scratcher pick. He's got the potential to develop good Stuff, but only average to below average Movement and Control. He has a chance to have a very nice cutter and curveball, but his change is horrid. Maybe he'll develop, but he doesn't have above average intangibles, so probably not. If he does, maybe he can one day make it to the bigs as a reliever, but I wouldn't bet a lot on him. And if you are gonna get a guy that will end up in the bullpen, better to get...

5. Tampa Bay Lightning - CL George Seguin (A-)

By a mile, the best reliever in the Gold Draft. Monster Stuff, with excellent Control. Only so-so Movement, but when you have a major league ready 100+ mph fastball, and an excellent curve, he can probably cover up that one hole in his game. And at 22 and his current level of development, it wouldn't be a major shock to see his get called up toward the end of the season. About the only slight negative is a personal bias against drafting a reliever early in the draft, but hard to pass up a talented pitcher like Seguin.

6. Ottawa Senators - LF Jason Burns (B)

Ottawa's future leadoff hitter for years to come. Assuming he can develop his potential, he can become one of the most dangerous leadoff hitters in PBDL. Monster Contact, along with being nearly impossible to strike out. Add to that, he's always at warp speed on the bases. He doesn't draw alot of walks, and doesn't have much power. His big question mark is how long until makes in to the majors. He's very raw in his development (only 17 out of a potential 65 basic batting ratings developed so far), so he has a long way to go. It probably will be a while before he makes it to the bigs, but if he develops, look out.

7. Dallas Stars - SP Roberto Garcia (A)

Probably the best of the younger SP prospects. Only average Stuff so far, but excellent Movement and Control. Add in 3 plus pitches, and he can be a top end guy someday. And that someday may me sooner than you might think. He's actually pretty well developed for his age (19 out of 44 basic pitching ratings), plus pretty good intangibles, means he could see the majors by the time he turns 20.

8. Detroit Red Wings - RF Mario Flores (A-)

Reminds me of a lighter version of Eric Knox. Same positives to a slightly lesser extent in Contact and Power, and roughly the same level of weaknesses in Eye and Avoid Ks. And very good speed and baserunning skills, but again not quite to Knox's level. Also already pretty well developed and at 21, should see the majors in the next few years. Only major concern is his intangibles. But since he's already well developed, I don't think it's as much a burden as if he was 18 and had a long way to develop.

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