Exciting Regular Season Finish

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You couldn’t have scripted the last week of the regular season much better as there were tons of extremely meaningful games played across all three leagues.  Let’s recap some of the exciting action that occurred over the final week of the inaugural PBDL season:

Bronze League

Heading into the final game of the regular season, St. Louis’s playoff chances were narrowing as they found themselves one game back, but there was still hope.  The Red Wings beat Chicago, putting destiny in St. Louis’s hands and all they needed was to beat the last place Ducks to force a tiebreaker game.  But alas, the Ducks played the spoiler role perfectly with a 7-4 win over the Blues.  As a consolation prize, the Blues will be in fairly good shape in the draft lottery.

The Kings finished the season with an 8-2 record over their last 10 games and soared into the 3rd seed in the final week of the season.  Pitching was the mantra in the final games as the team squeaked out victories in several low scoring affairs.

As a result, the playoffs shape up as follows:

  • Detroit Red Wings versus Chicago Blackhawks
  • Dallas Stars versus Los Angeles Kings


Silver League

The standings in Silver did not change as drastically in the final week as they did in the two other leagues.  Colorado has basically been a lock for first for several weeks now and most predicted that there wasn’t much Toronto or Pittsburgh could do to avoid relegation.

Buffalo mounted a valiant effort to reach the postseason by winning their final six games including an impressive sweep against the Flyers, but it was too little too late.

The Silver League playoffs will shape up as follows:

  • Colorado Avalanche versus Calgary Flames
  • Philadelphia Flyers versus New York Islanders


Gold League

Gold was where most of the action was at with plenty of monumental shifts in momentum and in the standings.

The Oilers and Wild both had subpar final weeks going 2-4 and 1-5 respectively.  This opened the door for Washington to make a move, on the back of a devastatingly good final week from Raúl Cuevas.  The Capitals were able to win their final four games and moved from 8th place to 6th place in the final week.  Not only do they avoid relegation, but they have improved their potential draft positioning as well.  The Oilers and Wild, meanwhile, will need to regroup in Silver.

Ottawa, Tampa Bay and San Jose all entered the final day of the regular season tied for the final two playoff spots with 42-41 records.  San Jose beat Tampa Bay and Ottawa lost as well in their game against the Rangers which resulted in the need for a tiebreaking game between the Lightning and the Senators.  Tampa Bay sent Spike McCoy to the mound who proceeded to pitch nine solid innings, giving up 6 hits and 3 runs with 8 K’s in a 7-3 victory.  Unfortunately, they’ll be facing the red hot Devils in the first round, who enter the postseason on an 8 game winning streak and recently swept the Lightning in the last week of the regular season.

The Gold League playoffs will shape up as follows:

  • New Jersey Devils versus Tampa Bay Lightning
  • New York Rangers versus San Jose Sharks
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