2017 Amatuer Bronze Draft Analysis

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2017 Amateur Bronze Draft Analysis

Author: Kevin Withrow


1. Nashville Predators- SS Jim Dillon- He has great contact potential and is near ML ready in my mind, He is going to hit .300 or above which is great but he lacks the discipline to be a lead off guy in my opinion. Overall this is a weak class compared to the last couple years and Nashville picked a good bat, glove at a tough defensive position, nothing wrong with this pick. Grade: B+

2. Washington Capitals- Ed Ryder- He is one of two pitchers in this class worth looking at the first round, but really i am not sold on either of them being a true ace type pitcher. Ryder lacks an out pitch and in my experience these guys tend to lump fairly often when they get to the Bigs. That being said his Movement is exceptional and if you are not going to have great stuff, movement can save careers. His Work ethic is also concerning to me and would probably have kept me from taking him in the first. Overall i would have taken a bat here as I feel that is where the talent in this draft is, but not a bad choice if you are taking a pitcher. Grade: C

3. Buffalo Sabres- Domingo Diaz- Well this is the guy I took and my reasoning was this, CF's are the second most valuable spot on the field defensively behind Short stop. This guy is a qaulity bat with a knack for not striking out which, combined with 20 speed means he should turn into a very hard out. He plays a solid to above average CF and he is fairly close to ML ready( AA Level i would guess) with a chance to push for the Bigs in a couple years. If he can just bat .280 or above he could very well lead the league in steals and I am a huge fan of this type of player( vince Coleman) on my teams. Still there were other options and I don't feel i need to say how I feel about this pick. Grade: u grade it

4. Edmonton Oilers - Archie Morgan- If I was taking a pitcher this would have been the guy I took first in this class, He and Ryder are very close pitch wise, although Morgan does have slighty better pitches, and has a pitch that could be an out pitch in his changeup. He also has better intangibles and is a guy i could see developing into an ace solid number 2. He is a little older than I like for guys who i am hoping get a ratings bump but he will be in the Majors by 2019 at the latest. Grade : B

5. Toronto Maple Leafs - George Baker-solid bat, no defense or speed. He is never gonna be a star but should contribut in the Majors and will give you a solid stat line. He is very smart so he could get a bump to his ratings at some point and turn into a dominant player. That being said I worry about the fact he has a two point difference in power in his lefty/righty split, I look for a first baseman who hits for power and if a guy is not able to produce against lefties that changes my opinion of him alot as a prospect. An interesting side not with this guy is I was looking at him in the later rounds as a dominant closer if i am remembering right, so you could go that way with him too. Overall was an ok pick although I would have went elsewhere. Grade C+

6. Chicago Blackhawks - Pascal Lombard- A solid bat who will be ok at first base, the interesting thing about him is his speed, he runs very well for a first baseman and could actually still quite a few bags, His intangibles are normal, nothing that stands out good or bad, and he too suffers from a split in his power production against lefties. Baker and him are very similar bats and will both be good, not great players, but I don't think they are the best left on the board as that goes to the guy taken at 7. Grade C+

7. St. Louis Blues- Carlos Pacheco - This guy is a defensively solid CF with great speed and contact and a solid avoid k rating. He has good gap power pot. which should lead to a high number of doubles and possibly triples, making him a good number 2 hitter prospect in my view. He is a little slow in the head and that can lead to slow development, but I feel he was the number 3 hitting prospect in the class behind Dillon and Diaz and i suspect he will flourish in silver at some point with the Blues. Grade A-

8. L.A. Kings - Guillaume Jullien- Interesting player here as he does look like a fairly solid 3B, but he lacks the great contact number you look for. He is a switch hitter which is a very big plus in my book but he lacks one superb stat to make this a truly elite pick, Overall at this point in the draft i think this is a very solid pick, not flashy or outstanding just a solid choice.
Grade B