2017 Amatuer Silver Draft Analysis

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2017 Amateur Silver Draft Analysis

Author: Jason Lortie


1. NJ - RF Vic Mitchell: A-. I like Mitchell, he will be a superstar if everything pans out. Not only will he hit, but he can also run. This makes him a great option at the top of the order, or as a clean-up hitter in his future. Also grades out as a plus corner outfielder. At 20 years old, he is looking to be ML ready within two years given his current ability. A solid #1 pick.

2. PHI - SP Mike Keys: A-. At 21, Keys might make the Philly team as the #4 right out of spring training with his impressive current ability (9/15/7). But really, he has a ton of upside, and will probably benefit from starting at AAA and being a call-up some time this season. Philly has a pretty solid rotation, so no need to rush him. Great intangibles, but the only thing keeping him from being an A+ pick at number 2 is his lack of a 4th pitch. Maybe this is just a personal preference, but I try to stay away from 3 pitch SPs... but this is a great pick non the less.

3. NYR - RF Jim Blake: A. At only 18 years old, I think Blake is a great pick at #3. Realistically, he could have gone #2 ahead of Keys, so taking him at #3 is a no brainier. Should be a solid #3 or #4 hitter for years to come if he develops. Intangibles are OK, the only downside is how far he has to go to develop.

4. ANA - SP Alfonso Torrez: D+. Torrez at 4th overall is hard to swallow. At best (11/11/16) he will probably be a 4 starter - if that. While he carries 5 pitches, none of them wiill ever grade out above 11. Torrez is young at 18, and has a good work ethic, so not all is lost. But I think he would have still be on the board in the 2nd or 3rd round.

5. CAL - SP Grigori Mastryukov: C. Listed as a SP, Mastryukov will be in the bullpen his entire pro career (his third pitch is a resemblance of a change-up apparently :lol: ). While he is probably the best MR in the daft, my only issue with the pick is that he was taken 5th overall. He is a project MR, so he probably would have been available in later rounds.

6. NYI - LF Drake Bryant: A. I was happy to see that I ended up with Bryant at #6. His potential is not far off of Mitchell or Blake taken at #1 and #3 respectively. He grades out as a solid Right Fielder, and has decent current abilities that should let him start off in AA ball. I think that he will be a pretty good lead off guy in the future with a good amount of speed and some solid batting potential (.405 OBP in college last year). I see him ending up in AAA, with the outside chance of being a late season call up.

7. VAN - C Antonio Martinez: B-. I think Martinez is an OK pick at #7 overall. He was the best catcher in the draft in terms of potential but catching ability may be lacking. VAN could use a catcher of the future, and while Martinez might not be an all-star of the future, he could be very serviceable for years to come as a decent catcher that bats 5-7 or as a solid DH.

8. PIT - LF Norman Briggs: B. PIT takes the best player on the board at #8. Briggs grades out as a Mitchell/Blake/Bryant pick that doesn't have the power potential or work ethic of those three prospects. His 20/20/14 speed/stealing/base-running combined with his contact and decent eye and discipline at the plate should make him a very solid lead-off or #2 guy in the lineup. Could play all 3 OF positions, but grades out as a very good left fielder. A smart guy, but he is lacking in work ethic to reach his potential.

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