2017 Playoff Preview

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2017 Playoff Preview

Author: Kyle Stevens



Detroit (45-39) vs Dallas (54-30)
Dallas has 2 championships, but Detroit has 2 straight including last year's Gold. Detroit features a great bullpen, sporting a 3.30 collective ERA while catcher Shawn James posted an absurd .469 OBP while Manny Medina hit 20 HR. With Shawn James heading toward FA, somebodies pocket books is going to get a lot lighter. For Dallas, 3B Jon Antle hit 25 HR with McAusland, Ortiz and Dias all threatening the .400 OBP mark. It's no surprise they lead the PBDL in Runs (486) and OBP (461). Lets not forget about Noel Sicard either, who went 10-3 with a 2.24 ERA, 0.90 WHIP, 1.93 FIP and 7.4 WAR. He might have earned some hardware.

Tampa (48-36) vs Pittsburgh (51-33)
Tampa's 363 runs against is the best in the Gold. They boasted a solid defense (693 efficiency) and lead the league in strikeouts. Quon Zeng, acquired in an early season deal from Washington, hit 19 HR. Pittsburgh, after earning promotion for 2 straight seasons, finished in 2nd place. They had 4 batters with 3 WAR and their 118 team HR led the PBDL. Their 449 runs ranked 2nd in Gold, with 5 batters hitting double digit HR, led by Ernie Jackson hitting 25. While Pittsburgh's lack of playoff success might be a sore spot, with Juan Oliverez extension none of their key pieces is set to hit FA for quite a while.

St Louis (53-31) vs New York (45-40)
The Islanders sneak in after winning 3 straight against San Jose including a Game 85, despite allowing more runs than they scored for the season. OF Ron Wood had a monster season (.419 OBP and 19 HR). The Blues finished 2nd in runs scored (449) and 1st in runs against (327) with the best defense in the PBDL (.710 efficiency). 3B Christian Porter hit 21 HR while 37 year old Mike Coslett went 14-4 while posting 5 WAR.

Calgary (50-34) vs Los Angeles (50-34)
A battle of 50 win teams, Los Angeles scored 459 runs to lead the Silver despite hitting only 71 HR (last in Silver) They posted a team OBP of .359. Williiam Cox earned a big contract extension, posting a .432 OBP and hitting 17 HR, while Ben James was right on his heels with a .419 OBP. Sean Wolfgang had a big walk year, hitting 14 HR, getting on base at a .382 clip and posting 2.8 WAR. For Calgary, Richard Smith hit 23 HR while they had 4 starting pitchers post 4-WAR seasons whiel only allowing 339 runs (2nd in the Silver).

Buffalo (43-41) vs Toronto (45-39).
The Sabres made the playoffs on the back of their strong trio of starters Lurte, Silva and Ryan along with the strong bat of the venerable Vincente Montoyoa (.417 OBP and 10 HR). Buffalo's pitching staff lead the league in runs allowed (a paltry 324). Toronto boasted a dynamic 3-4 combo of Bastien and Boyd who combined for 29 HR while aces Gouin and Santos combined for a record of 23-10 and a 2.96 ERA over 255 innings.

Philadelphia (57-27) vs Chicago (41-43)
The Lowell Minor show rolls into town. Philadelphia lead the PBDL in wins with 57 and led the Bronze in Runs Scored (462) and was second in Runs Allowed (328). For Chicago, 20 year old Brian Arnold is earning the nickname "Wonder Boy" with a 9-9 performance and a 3.6 WAR. Bucky Rodriguez and Erwin Hurst bolstered a respectable offense that finished 3rd in the PBDL (422 runs)

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