2018 Bronze Draft Analysis

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PBDL Bronze League Draft Wrap Up

Author: Kevin Withrow


1. Washington Capitals - Graham Robertson C

Good solid pick here with one of the highest power/eye ratings that I have seen. He should be a very high OBP guy who hits 20 plus homeruns a year which in my opinion is the definition of an impact bat. The downside on Robertson is his lack of a defensive position and I don't see any reason to think that will change, he lacks the skills to play backstop on a daily basis and will probably end up at first base or DH. Still he should be the best power bat in the league very shortly (1-2 years) and will be a force to be reckoned with offensively. The other option here was SP George Trent and the case could be made he is the better overall player in a weak class, still love this guy and had him number 2 on my board. Grade A

2. Edmonton Oilers - George "Swamp Fox" Trent SP

The obvious best pitcher available and possibly best player available goes too the Oilers here. Swamp Fox has three excellent pitches along with a passable splitter and a 16/16/16 in stuff/mov/control. He lacks true ace stamina (rated 11) but he will be a very good 1/1A and most likely will head the oilers rotation in just 2-3 years. He is also known to be very durable physically which means injuries should not hamper his development and if managed correctly he could very well improve upon his very impressive skill set ( high in intelligence and work ethic) I had him number 1 on my board but I always have pitching over hitting in my mind. Still the top two in my mind go 1-2 and that is as it should be. Grade A

3. Anahiem Ducks- Kiros "Easy" Mashama Sp/Cl

The first pick I truly feel was a reach at this point. Easy has the Stamina and stu/mov/and control to warrant this pick as he is easily the second best pitcher looking at just those ratings. Unfortunately, what he lacks is a respectable third pitch and that means Closer/RP is all that he will most likely amount too. Now i could be wrong and i guess the Ducks felt I was but to me it is way too early to be taking a closer, especially with the hitting talent still on the board. At 17 he does have a long time in which to develop a third pitch, but unfortunately he lacks the work ethic and intelligence, both very low, to make that a very likely occurrence. In fact i will not be shocked to see him lump into an even less interesting prospect if he struggles early on. I have been wrong before, and maybe the ducks know something I don't but i fell this was a huge reach at this point. Grade D

4. Nashville Predators- Augusto Medrano SS

The Predators continue their streak of solid draft picks and add the always important future SS/glove wizard to the system. Medrano hit the ball fairly well, for a free swinging spray hitter and if he develops well could be a .310 Avg guy with lead off potential due to his great baserunning. That being said he will not walk much, if at all and may struggle too keep his numbers up if he is rushed. His greatest strength though, and the reason i love this guy at this pick is what he brings to the field with his glove. A 20 range rating at SS is a rare and in my opinion highly valuable commodity and he could very well be the gold glove winner at that position for years to come. In fact I feel that he very well could be the highest war rated player taken in the top 4 and should easily be ready in two to three years with his work ethic. very good pick, Third on my board, but first if i had not already had Colwell. Grade A

5. Chicago Blackhawks John Bell OF

I dont know what exactly I don't trust about this guys ratings but something about him screams bust too me. Looking at just the numbers he is probably the most balanced young bat in the game and is an adequate defender at the corner OF postitions. That being said he, I feel, will be an example of why ratings are not the whole story, he is a line-drive hitter with average pop and an average eye, but I feel he would have benifitted from another year or two before entering the minors, where his current low ratings are setting him up for failure. He also lacks the work ethic to improve quickly and could very well be in the minors for many years before he maxes out his ratings and as we all know one bad year in the minors can lead to significant losses in potential. He also seems to have a split developing in his XBH (read gap power) power and that worries me that he will over time become more of platoon hitter, only truly effective against righties. All this negative stuff being said if the Hawks are right he is going to potentially be a great 2-5 hitter and if by some miracle he does improve his abilities watch out. Grade C ( B if by ratings D if by gut)

6 Buffalo Sabres- Jesus Ortega RF

I had two guys targeted with this pick and it turns I had my pick of them, I had Ortega slightly above Moreno here for two reasons. 1. need I need to improve my offense as I have arguably the best pitching rotation in baseball in my opinion but my offense lacks difference makers. 2. Intangibles I feel when your torn between two guys at a certain spot the best option is two go with the younger guy or the guy with the higher work ethic and intelligence. In this case need, intangibles and age all point too Ortega. He is a solid batting prospect now with slightly lower contact than Bell but a higher power potential, but really I took him here in a betting manner. I am wagering than if i manage his minors well I will get at least one possibly two increases from this young 18 yr old and that could very well take him from good to great.
Grade ( B+ )

7. Toronto Maple Leafs Ricardo Moreno Sp

This guy was sixth on my list right behind Ortega and could very well end up being better than him depending on how the random ratings increase gods treat us. As i said he is young and talented with average to good ratings already. With no bumps he will most likely be a mid rotation starter and a effective one at that. If he does bump watch out as it would not take much too turn this young man into the best pitcher in this class. 4 pitches, all of which are good and 18 stamina will lead to alot of innings pitched and if his control improves he could be a very big steal for the leafs going forward. Grade B+

8. Philidelphia Flyers Russ Thexton CF

very nice pick here and my number 7 prospect as he offers a great set of skills at a key position. Good bat/ power at a key defensive position equals great prospect for the future. So why did i have him 7 on my board, He lacks the elite range I want in a CF, he can play there but will never dominate defensively at the position the way i want my CF too. He also lacks the intangibles too forsee any increases in his ratings and that is a concern as he is right on that edge between good and average at the plate. All that being said he was the best option available and that makes this a very good pick. Grade A

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