2021 Championship Preview

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Who will be our 2021 PBDL Champions?

The PBDL's ninth season is coming to a close and the list of active teams has narrowed down to just six. In the near future, we will have three new champions crowned and it will be off to the races once again as teams begin looking forward to 2022. But before we think about next season, let's take a quick look at how these series are shaping up.

Bronze: New York Rangers versus Anaheim Ducks
The New York Rangers are undoubtedly led by their Wonder Boy pitcher, Brian Arnold. Since being acquired in one of the biggest blockbuster trades the PBDL has seen, Brian has simply gone on to put up nearly 16 WAR in his two seasons as a Ranger. His 8 War in 2021 was an enormous contributor to this team's first place finish as he put up a 1.83 ERA en route to a 14-1 record. The Ducks countered this season with a blockbuster trade of their own acquiring the ever present shortstop, Ernie Jackson along with second baseman Alberto Ortiz and a solid starting pitcher. With this one move, the team instantly obtained a massive upgrade offensively. The team failed to finish much above .500 but still showed significant improvement over last years 38-46 record. The Ducks inherited significant salary in the trade so a championship would go a long way in providing a desperately needed financial boost.

Prediction: Brian Arnold shuts down the Ducks offense, Rangers win 5-2

Silver: New York Islanders versus Chicago Blackhawks
Back down in Silver after a one year stint in Gold, the Islanders are an extremely focused, well run team...and Jason's efforts have resulted in a perennial competitor despite its short stay in Gold. However, a championship has eluded this team as the Islanders have failed to win it all at any level since the league's founding. This would be a great time to break the streak and earn promotion to Gold. The team is solid across the board, with no gaping holes and led by CF Ismael Mora. Critics question whether or not this team is ready for Gold, but Gold isn't quite as tough as it once was now that the dominance that was Pittsburgh has been disassembled. On the other side, the Blackhawks finally make the playoffs after back to back comical implosions in the final week of both 2019 and 2020 to barely miss the playoffs. A new GM has righted the team's luck factor apparently. Similar to the Islanders, the team lacks any gaping holes but would need to add some key pieces if they want to be successful at the highest tier. Neither team has ever won a championship, but one team certainly will soon.

Prediction: This one is too close to call, I'll go Chicago in 9

Gold: Vancouver Canucks versus Detroit Red Wings
Three teams have won three championships, no team has won four. Vancouver has the chance to win their second gold championship and fourth championship overall if they can defeat the pesky Detroit Red Wings. On paper, Vancouver is a significantly better team, with much better defense and some top notch talent in Wayne Griffith and Juan Alvarez. The Wings may have some defensive holes, but offensively, no team in Gold was better. At the young age of 26, Carlos Perez put up game changing numbers posting a 1.010 OPS with 13 HR's and a whopping .360 batting average. However, as mentioned, fielding has been the problem child for the wings as Vancouver finished second in defensive efficiency compared with the Wings who finished sixth. Starting pitching is another area of relative weakness as the Wings lack the dominant #1 needed to counter Paul Matthews.

Prediction: Can't go against my own team obviously, Wings win 5-3

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