Gold '26 Draft Review

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Gold Amateur Draft Review

April 2nd, 2026

Author: Matthew Fox

The 2026 Gold draft features the most talented draft pool in the PBDL. Lets take a look at the teams selections through round 3.

Pittsburgh-"Maverick" Dong,Clyde Mclearn,Max Simon

Wow. Already Pittsburgh has the best draft of 2026. The Pens selected the clear number one overall player in taking Dong and the third best overall player in Mclearn. This adds to their already impressive stable of prospects. Dong will be one of the most dangerous offensive players in PBDL once he develops and could very well have a hall of fame career. The Pens made no mistake with the first overall pick. Curiously Mclearn was still available in the second round for the Penguins, and they cashed in on his availability. Offensively Mclearn ranks 9th overall; however he plays a premium defensive position and rates well as a defender. In addition he is a threat on the bases and has favorable personality ratings. He's a player with all the tools to be a big time player for the Pens in the future. The selection of Simon was something of a reach with the third pick. In raw ability, he was the 10th overall pitcher in the draft and overall I had him 28th. He does hold some promise as a reliever with a couple of above average pitches and some good movement on his pitches.

Overall grade:A

Toronto-Mark Robertson,Manuel Gutierrez,Jack Beasly

The Leafs cemented their claim on having the most talented stable of pitching prospects in the league with the selection of Robertson. The second overall player in the draft, and the best starter available went to the team rich in young pitchers. Robertson will be one of the premier pitchers in PBDL in the 2030's should he reach his projected ceilings. He has all the qualities that scouts drool over in pitching prospects; great stuff with good movement and control with plus pitches and the stamina to go deep into games. The selection of Gutierrez gives the Leafs a talented prospect at a premium position. He rates 10th overall in raw offense, but like Mclearn he can run and field and throw. A player who lacks only one tool, that being the ability to hit for power. Beasly rates as the second best overall backstop in the draft, but it was a bit of a reach as I had him as the 41st best player. Beasly has a very good arm and has time to improve upon his average offensive projections.

Overall grade:B

New York Islanders-Rhett Ostrom, Daniel Carlton, Shi-xian Er

New York took the best dual threat in Ostrom. He rates slightly higher as a reliever, but likely has more value as a position player. Offensively he rates #5 overall, and in terms of raw talent he is the second best pitcher in the draft. He certainly doesn't have the stamina to be a starter so he likely is a more valuable prospect as a centerfielder. Unfortunately for the Islanders he can't run nearly as well as some of the other centerfielders in the draft but he will be an offensive threat nonetheless. D. Carlton has some promise if he can improve upon his control. Carlton has 5 pitches, 3 of them figure to be above average. He probably will be a back of the rotation starter when he makes it, but he does have a great work ethic so he could turn out to be a #2 in some rotations. Shi-xian is a reach in the third round. He's not the prototypical first base prospect offensively but does field the position well. At this point he appears to most likely be a career minor league player. He will have to improve upon his contact to be a true prospect at first base.

Overall grade:C

Chicago-Ed Montell, Alex Peterson, Dan Ashe

Chicago elected to draft two outfielders and a first baseman. Montell will be a force offensively, but can't run and doesn't field particularly well. Still though, he projects as a middle of the order slugger and those aren't easy to find. I had Montell at 13 overall. Alex Peterson may very well turn out to be a better player than the one the Hawks drafted in front of him. Peterson could be post splits as good as .270/.330/.450 when he reaches the active roster, and along with that he is a stolen base threat and appears to be an above average fielder. He looks like an ideal leadoff hitter for the Hawks. Ashe rated as the 21st overall player on the board. For a third round selection this is a pretty good pick. Ashe will be a good left fielder for the Hawks and the only real tool he's lacking is the ability to drive the ball out of the park.

Overall grade:B

Buffalo-Dennis Sexton, Michael Jacksoon, Ian Berkey

Once again, the Sabers have focused on obtaining pitching in early rounds. Sexton could be a middle of the rotation arm, though there are some negatives to his game. He's miserable at holding runners, and can't get as deep into games as you'd like from your starters. He has only one above average pitch but he can induce ground balls. Sexton was rated #10 overall. Jackson could turn into an effective reliever, possibly even closer. He doesn't have the ability to just blow hitters away at will but has good movement and control to where getting outs shouldn't be an issue while he's in the game. Berkey is a stretch with the third pick, but he is an able defender and for a third baseman is adequate on the bases. Still he will need to improve upon his offensive game to be a real prospect as he currently figures to be a career minor leaguer.

Overall grade:C

Detroit-Joe Allison, Bill Toope, John Wooten

The Wings have drafted well historically, and this season is no different. Getting in on the strong crop of outfield prospects the Wings selected Allison with the sixth pick. I had Allison as 6th overall(quit looking at my board Nick). He's a strong left fielder with plus speed on the bases(though he is average at stealing) he also has some pop in the bat. This is a good selection by the Wings. The fourth rated starter in the draft was Bill Toope, and the Wings got him in the second round. He could be a back of the rotation starter if he hits his projections. He has good movement and control on his pitches, though they are average deliveries. He can throw a lot of pitches giving him the ability to make it deep into games. He does have some favorable personality ratings despite having a low work ethic. Wooten is rated as the fifth best starter in the draft and the Wings went back to back with picks of starting pitchers. Wooten is definitely a project at the current point in time, but should he get some boosts in the ratings he could be a very good pitcher. He is excellent at holding runners and sports a 20 stamina rating. His best pitch is the changeup, but his velocity tops out at 88. Considering their drafting position, the Wings did well here.

Overall grade:B

Canucks-Larry Dempsey, Jason Jones, Pete Taylor

The defending champs began their draft by selecting the top backstop on the board. He's a tremendous runner for a catcher, and has some pop in his bat as well. He will be a top of the order hitter, which is a rarity for the position. Defensively he's just average but his offensive promise more than makes up for that. I had Dempsy as the 7th best player in the draft. The champs followed up the pick of Dempsey with the selection of Jason Jones, another burner on the bases. Jones was the best second baseman in the draft, and overall he rated 27th. In Jones the Canucks get a second baseman with good range who can fly on the bases and hit for average. A realistic slash line for Jones is .290/.315/.360. Vancouver elected to take outfielder Pete Taylor with their third pick, and he's a project. He does have a high work ethic which he will have to use to make it to the Canuck roster. He doesn't look to be a good fielder at this point and he just isn't talented enough offensively to be a legit DH. He's one of the youngest players in the draft and has plenty of time to improve on his current projections.

Overall grade:C

Nashville-Hubert Bray, Ivan Rosario, Alex Godwin

The Preds selection of Bray is an interesting one. Based on pure offensive promise this is a good pick at the end of the first round. However he's just 17 and has a long way to go to reach his projections, and in addition he needs to vastly improve his prowess at third to adequately field the position. He's also going to be a station to station player on the bases which is something of a drawback. In terms of sheer offense he was the third best available player in the draft, and with his young age he could blossom to be an even greater threat. The pick of Rosario gave the Preds the sixth best SP in the Gold draft. He is a project though, as his current ceilings predict he will only be a minor league player for his career. The upside is that his changeup and knuckle curve project to being plus pitches. If his movement improves, he could be a reasonable middle reliever. To finish up the third round Nashville took LF Alex Godwin. Rated as the 37th best available player this is another project player for the Predators. He is at best an average fielder with an average to slightly below average bat. There were better option here for the Preds as Alex probably would have been available for them in a later round.

Overall grade:D

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