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First Official Move: Fans Say Goodbye to Gouin

September 17th, 2026

Boston, MA – As the 2026 season ends in the PBDL, many fans around the Boston area have already gotten their hot stove talk in the form of new Owner/GM Mike Brouillette. While there is still a lot of unknown about Mike in the PDBL community, those who search out his previous adventures will find themselves not disappointed, but rather their interest piqued. A pair of championships, in a pair of leagues fit tucked nicely at the top of his resume and while nothing is guaranteed anywhere – he hopes that he’ll be able to bring his somewhat fresh mindset into a production such as the PBDL where the rules are very neat.

Reinventing the wheel may not be an option here, but pitching, platoons and defense will play everywhere. Unfortunately, at the end of the 2026 SP Nicolas Gouin (the teams ace, despite going 3-13 in 21GS) has let team officials know that he’ll be infact testing the free agent waters. Gouin isn’t the perfect pitcher, but at 39 he represents the type of work ethic (HIGH) that GM Brouillette likes to build around, despite his leadership qualities being (LOW). He likes to lead by example, and is often the quiet man in the corner.


Gouin had however, not been shy with reporters at the end of the 2026 season when a sweep at the hands of Colorado lead to the teams playoffs aspirations being dismissed promptly as the team was outscored 21 to 8 in the most important game of the season. He was visibly upset, having only been in the playoffs once since 2020 (in 2023, with Boston). Before that, Gouin had been in the playoffs 6 times in 7 years. Be it Danny Fields, Curt Love, or even Jason Bond, Rodrigueo Camps and new GM favorite Sammy Hayden… the team just wouldn’t hold it together when it mattered the most. Only Montoya was big down until the last weekend when he hit .350 and smashed 3homers during the final week.

The ERA for Gouin this year stopped at 4.28 (3.91FIP) and saw him walk only 25 guys all year, putting his season totals at about 1 walk each start. Having Gouin indicate to GM Brouillette that he was very unhappy wasn’t what he wanted to hear, as Gouin is a perfect example of the type of starting pitcher that I like to build around. The total combined ZNR of the teams infield was +4.4 only, not really helping a pitcher with Gouin’s ground ball (75%) tendencies. The BABIP was the highest among the teams starting staff at .318, prompting GM Brouillette to think he could do a better job with the near 40 year old going forward.

It’s more than likely an end of an era for Gouin in Boston, but it is what it is.

“ We let Gouin know how much we valued him, not just this year despite his record – but during his entire run in Boston. “ Brouillette would go onto say, “ We have let him know that the door is still open, and will be formally making an offer as his fallback option. But we told him if he can, go get that ring. He’s 39 after all. “

Upon hearing the comments from his new GM, he had nothing but kind words to and provided praise.

“ I know just as little about Mike as the rest of you do, “ Gouin said, “ But from what I’ve heard, from everyone I’ve talked too in the organization and around the league – Mike is a good guy and I have faith that Boston is in good hands going forward with him at the helm. “

When asked about returning to Boston…

“ I had no issues playing in Boston while I was here, “ Gouin would go onto say, “ I just felt I owed myself, and my family to test the waters for what will be my last shot at winning a title. I won a pair of Bronze leagues with Toronto in 2014 and 2019, then the Silver in 2020 – but I never got a shot at Gold. If the offer presents itself, who am I to say no? “ he finished with a broad smile.

Gouin played a full season with Toronto in Gold, before settling down with Boston and playing five years with the franchise – a trio in Silver, and a pair in Bronze.

“ No regrets, “ he’d go onto say “ As much as a competitor I am, I couldn’t say no to the money that was being thrown at me during my last run or so in the PBDL. I have five kids, a wife, three dogs and a crazy mother-in-law to think of. I owed it to them. “

Gouin’s exit from the franchise isn’t getting new GM Brouillette down however, as he’s already been searching the league (forum) furiously looking at old players available (trade blocks) and having been emailed (PM’d) and sent emails (sent PM’s) himself regarding players through-out the grand tiered-universe that is PBDL.

After all, at the end of the day – It’s ALL about winning.


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